Rental Policy


Customer will receive a full refund of deposit if reservation is cancelled within 3 days of booking the reservation, otherwise, it will be forfeited. If you book your inflatable within the week of your reservation date, the deposit is nonrefundable .if you cancel for any reason other than weather on the day of your event, full payment is due.

Compliance with Laws:

Customer agrees not to use or allow anyone use the rental equipment for any illegal purpose or in any illegal and unsafe manner. Customer agrees at his/her/their sole cost and expense to comply with all municipal, parish, county, state, federal or other governmental or quasi-governmental laws, ordinances and/or regulations which may apply to the use of the rental equipment during the rental period. Customer further agrees to pay all licenses, fines, fees, permits or taxes arising from Customer’s use of the rental equipment, including any subsequent determined to be due. Customer is solely responsible for obtaining any and all permits and/or licenses from the appropriate government agencies prior to use.


Bounce ‘N’ Putt cannot guarantee weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule your rental prior to delivery if severe weather conditions are imminent or if we have any reason to believe that the equipment and/or its users may be danger. Some examples of severe weather are high winds, excessive rain, snow and lightening.


The following rules detail safe operational guidelines for the inflatable equipment you lease from Bounce N’ Putt Inflatable Rentals. To ensure safe operation of the inflatable, it is in your best interests to have these rules read aloud by a company representative. Further, you are encouraged to direct any questions you may have about the operation of the inflatable to your representative from Bounce N’ Putt Inflatable Rentals before you begin use of the equipment.


The safety of the children depends on you. Your personal supervision is absolutely required at all times. As the lessee of this inflatable unit, the safety of all the riders is your responsibility. As the adult supervisor, you should position yourself in close proximity of the entrance to the ride and be prepared to assist riders when they enter/exit the ride.

Age Groups:

Only compatible age groups and sizes shall play on the inflatable at the same time.

Shoes/Glasses/Jewelry: All riders MUST REMOVE SHOES, GLASSES, and ALL LOOSE JEWELRY before playing in the inflatable.

Pre-existing Health Conditions: Pregnant women, individuals with pre-existing injuries, and others susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted in or on the inflatable unit at any time.

Flipping/Wrestling/Piling: Improper use of the inflatable includes flipping in the air, wrestling, and riders piling on themselves. Such activity may result in neck and back injuries to riders.


Do not remove the inflatable from the area where it was installed. If the inflatable unit moves, pull it by one of its corners back to its original location of installation. Keep the inflatable unit away from swimming pools and other sources of water at all times.

Inclement Weather:

Once there is a threat of inclement weather, including strong winds (at or in excess of 20 mph), thunderstorms (especially when lightening is present), or severe cold weather (below 40 degrees), children should immediately exit the inflatable. The blower should thereafter be switched off and removed, and the unit allowed to deflate.


Should the unit begin to deflate, do the following: First, have all children exit the unit immediately next, if the motor has stopped, make sure that it has not been unplugged. If the motor is still running, check the air intake on the side of the motor for blockage, and check both blower tubes on the inflatable unit to make sure that they are tightly tied off. Never allow riders in or on a partially inflated unit.